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So who am I, 

and what made me become a coach?

I am Yasmin, a certified life coach. I would describe myself as personal empowerment coach and champion of women and young girls. I help those who aspire to transform self-doubt into self-confidence, create their own success and build a positive relationship with themselves so that they can live a life that feels good on the inside and that emanates on the outside. 


I tailor each session to individual needs, learning type and personality. I will provide a neutral, safe, and confidential space to talk, with experience and training that will help them build foundational skills that will improve their lives now. I coach with authenticity, professionalism, empathy, sparks of humour, positive motivational energy and, as my clients say, I am an incredible cheerleader, and with that comes a determination to see my clients succeed.

I have a passion for grassroots sports and run a junior hockey academy, coach at a local independent school and also run the Wildcats centre for Bure Park FC. I grew up as a young carer, looking after a disabled mother and siblings, which means that I'm fiercely independent. I then had a quarter life crisis after years of substance and alcohol abuse, which led me to begin several years worth of personal development and self-improvement work.


I believe that I have the toolkit that enables me to support young women to build their inner strength and resilience, and find the balance, clarity, confidence, freedom and direction needed to thrive!

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